Duplicate segments from

I am trying to publish 3D linework, but get an error caused by duplicate segments.
The Line work was heighted from a surface model. Some of the break lines of the model are very close together resulting in duplicate distances and elevations along the line. I have to manually go through each line in the vertical editor and delete common distances.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening, or a way to resolve this issue.

Publish error

I would have to see the surface and the linework to be sure of a response here, but if it is creating very short segments less than 0.1mm long, there must be two triangle sides that are extremely close at that location that have a difference in elevation but very small difference in position. This will create short horizontal segments if you create nodes at all the locations where the lines cross the TIN sides.

You could try running Project Cleanup or Convert To Linestring and use the vertice filter on the lines - even with a small filter tolerance I would expect these to be removed in that process. Failing that you could run the linestring optimizer on the lines and that too can be used in Hz only mode to reduce the line vertices.

Alternatively when you elevate the lines to the surface, you could use the latest version of our Adjust Linestring Elevation command (depending on the lines you are elevating) as that has some special rules as to how we elevate the curves in lines rather than using the triangle sides that can cause these issues.

If you also need to elevate the straight sections of lines, we could further develop the Adjust Linestring Elevation command to handle the Straight sections also - however currently we focus on the curved sections primarily ass the straight sections are more typically elevated from callouts correctly, it is the curves that need special consideration to get them elevated correctly.

Hopefully this helps 0 run those commands and press F1 for help and video use case documentation.

If you want to share the surface and 2D lines with me I can take a look - email to alan.sharp@rockpilesolutions.com or call me on 720 323 0481 if you would like to go over these options with me.