Problems with Linestring editing, specifically the Offset Segment type

I’ve upgraded to 5.6, and since upgrading I’ve had to start over on a design that was completed on 5.2.
I have many linestrings with segments offset from the project CL, and now the linestrings appear incomplete (pretty much any segment type following the offset segment is missing). When there are multiple offset segments, it lumps them together so that when selected they appear to be one segment. If the horizontal segments are viewed in the browse pane, they show to have a length of zero. Graphically they are drawn correctly, besides segments following the offset segments.

Pics attached for examples. Note the cursor tracking line never leaves the end of Segment 2 throughout the pics. Segment 1 is shown correctly. For segments 2-4 the selected segment never changes (selects them all), though graphically they still transition to the correct stations and offsets.
Segment 5 is not shown at all. In the segment browser, lengths for 3-5 are shown to be zero.

Can you share the project file or send it to me by email / dropbox or similar so I can take a look at what you are seeing?


Thanks Alan, I’ve emailed them to you