End to End Workflow with Cool New Tools

In this video I show the end to end process for some of the section sheets from a large project where we have to solve for a large number of issues in this PDF data. In the video you will see the following

Using a new RPS Geometry based selection tool to rapidly sort through and relayer a layer of data across multiple PDF pages at one time
Using the Increment Text command to label Station Labels that were missing in the PDF
Using the Set Line Elevation to Elevate the Elevation Grid Lines to compensate for no Elevation Text in the PDF file
Using the Explode Lines command to create Elevation Grid Lines that were absent in the PDF file
Converting the cross sections into 3D linework
Making surfaces from the 3D linework including creating model gaps around bridge areas
Making a corridor model from the surface models
Visualizing the end result

This is simply the fastest Cross Section Takeoff tool out there today and it keeps getting better and better!