Flipping CALTRANS CAD Sections for a highway project

In this video we show how to convert CALTRANS multi style sections into 3D linework and make surfaces and then a corridor model from the converted section data - 4.5 miles of sections in ~30 minutes soup to nuts …

The video showcases the following tools

  • Organizing the data for flipping
  • Flipping the CAD Sections to 3D linework
  • Creating FG and OG surfaces from the sections
  • Using Track Section to find the base of subgrade
  • Using Nudge line to fix vertical faces in the FG sections
  • Using Geometric Selection to find element lines for barriers and sidewalks from the subgrade linework and relayering it onto target layers
  • How to use the relayer and Geometric Selection commands to sort out data
  • How to use Advanced Select to find Station Labels and relayer them
  • How to use Track Line Edge command to find linear features
  • How to use Explode surface to find linear features for barrier wall from the sections
  • How to use the Increment Text command for PDF Section Station Labeling
  • How to use the surfaces to build the Corridor Model that can then be used for volume calcs

Let us know if you have any questions