Enhancement for XLINE Labels

Had my first opportunity to use the XLine Command. Great work, as usual, from the RPS team!!
This suggestion is specific to placing lines and labels with the VAL points box checked.
It would be helpful if the VHP/VLP are also included when the box is checked.
It would be helpful if the lines were named with the label value.
It would be helpful if the lines designation was also labeled with it. VPC / VPT / VHP/VLP similar to the clip below with the stationing being optional.

we planned to do the labeling in a v2 update. The VHP and VLP would be a part of that work Richard.



Great news Alan! Looking forward to the enhancement.

@alan.sharp just checking back in on this request.

I just went through the excruciating tedium of doing VPC, VPT, VHP/VLP xlines on two 2000’ roads with VPI’s every 100’, for hand staking. (time for a second slipform machine LOL). There’s got to be a easier way to do this as the xlines are a big help.

Anyway, I tried copy/paste from excel with some strange results shown below. What am I doing wrong? I’m guessing feet/meter issue but didn’t confirm.
Also, the way the command adds and sorts the Additional stations to the list (at the bottom and by first charter when sorted) makes it difficult to verify entry on the fly

multiplying the stations by 3.2804 (meters to feet) in excel gets the job done. Copy/Paste will work but please consider automating this to include the option to show the station and label as shown in the clips. Thanks.

I have seen this before as well with other various tables

We have a fix in the works for the Copy Paste issue that will be released on Monday

Not sure I understand the list add ./ sort question

  1. We add the pasted stations to the base of list so that you can see what you added.
  2. If you click the header of the column it should resort them into Station order (at least that is what I thought it did - I see now that that is not the case and that we also need to address that too - will get that resolved here also)


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Any thoughts on getting VPC, VPT, VHP/VLP auto labeling included (as shown in the clips)?
I admit it’s not a huge deal copy/pasting from the Alignment Geo Report → Excel → XLines, but some RPS magic automation would be great.

You could use the point creator tool to create points on an alignment at all those locations. Then run point detail report to generate station and code output and then copy / paste those back into xlines command to get what you need - while a 3 step process it is not as arduous as whatever it sounds like you were doing and would just take a minute per alignment

I have asked PK if we could add point creator styles into Define Extra stations and Create Xlines commands as we have used it in CIV Manager and in the soon to release Slope Designer command so should be possible

I am thinking we add under add extra stations - use point creator styles checkbox and when checked allow you to pick the style you want and it uses that to create the extra stations - or we just add a section to the options “point creator style” and select the style and use that to create a set of stations for xlines

That would provide you the “Rockpile Automation” you are looking for I guess


Revisiting this issue of naming HAL and VAL lines. Any idea when this will be tackled? I have a pipe alignment 20,000 ft long and I generated 4’ staking guides at all the HAL’s and VAL’s, and had to manually sift through all 551 of them to manually name them PT/PC/PI/VPC/VPT etc. Seemed odd that they weren’t being named automatically.

It would be nice also to control which HAL/VAL features are used, so I’m interested in things moving in the direction point creator styles did. Then I could generate each type on a separate layer by setting it to PC’s only, changing layers and then another pass with just PT’s and so on. This makes it easy for the field crew to filter exactly which features they want to see.

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