Enhancement for Points to Station to include Points to Line

Hi Alan,

I have checked out the new Rockpile TML’s and have noticed that you now have a Pts to Station command. I have checked this command out which is handy but we would also like it to go one step further.

What we are after is the ability to create new vertices relative to an existing line string.

I have attached a pdf example of what we are after, I am thinking that it would be best to have this as a “create new” command rather than move a survey observation.

The design line is in blue, observed survey points in green and required vertices in red. Basically the comp is the perpendicular intersection to the design line with the elevation to remain the same as the surveyed observation which is similar top the way Pts to Station works. We require both linework and points, but if we concentrated on creating the line we can always create the points from the line vertices.

I understand that we can calculate these points one at a time, but we really need the ability to do this in bulk (I have searched and I am pretty sure TBC doesn’t cater for this yet).

A by product of this could be the ability for the design line to inherit the vertical from the selected entities. Could be a very handy modelling tool!

In terms of real life we have an ongoing project over here Western Australia where we monitor coastal cross-section lines for sand movement bi-annually. The output that we send our client is shown in the attached pdf. The above process is one of the tools that we use in older software to make sure that the cross sections line up with previous surveys.

It would be great if the Pts to Station tool could be enhanced or a new tool created.

Thanks Peter

19299XS06 Model.pdf (341.5 KB) Point to Line Example.pdf (2.4 KB)

The Elevate Lines using Points command does exactly this today - see the video below. This is a part of what was the Data Prep Module and is incorporated in the Site Modeling Edition of TBC - see the video below

Hi Alan

Thanks for pointing out the command elevate lines using points and creating the instructional video. You are correct this is exactly what we require.

We are currently licensed with Survey Advanced and Scanning but I had looked at the Data Prep module after the PUG APAC last November as I am very interested in the Surface Site Improvements commands available in this module.

Looks like we will be purchasing now.

Thanks again.