Explode Line ? Double lines w/ Feature code

When I process my field topos. There is always clean up work to be done as some linework cross each and I also have to join two codes to have a closed area for my “site improvements”. Before I would just break lines where need and join lines where needed for the processed features linework. Now, with the RPS “explode” command I explode the lines and do my cleanup work that way. When I explode my lines, I end up with double lines. To do an additional cleanup ( which i really dont have to) how can I remove the duplicate lines. As I already tried the “clean up” command with no luck.

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Can you provide the file that creates double lines - sounds like the source file has lines thatbgo up and back on themselves - would need to see that myself as I use Explode lines a lot and it is not usual to get double lines


Ok, So I did try again on a new file with the same files. I tried several time and was able to duplicate this issue once. If I separately process each file individually and then do explode all the lines at once followed by remove process to all files at one time. It triggers double lines. It seems as I have to wait to get all my files and then process them all at the same time. If I could only get the field guys to start using double codes for a single point I would not have to explode lines.
thanks for reaching out Sharp. I will have to process all files at once next time.