Side Slope Explode Lines

I am using the Side Slope command to create two side slopes. I am doing a 5.0’ asphalt transition at 12 locations. I am using two side slopes so I can clip the two and join. My first side slope is to finish and my second side slope is 2" lower then my finish at those 12 locations.
I have seen Alan explode the side slope lines so they don’t get updated if I go back to my side slope template.
How do I make the side slope lines non-depend of the side slope template?

Not sure what I did. I was able to explode the linestring from the template. As I was joining my two side slope linestrings I found a problem with my linestring for a 200’ section. My elevation stays the same thru that 200’ then drops back down. I even went to duplicate the same process in corridor. In corridor I did not have this issue. At a loss what is happening. In the mean time I will explode my surface ELLIS FM 780.vce (4.8 MB)

To explode a Sideslope object into non dependent lines, click the location where you placed the template for the sideslope (normally at the start of the line) there should be a small diamond at that location - then select the Sideslope object not the template. Once selected you can use the Explode command to explode the sideslope into its component lines that are no longer dependent.

Note that the Sideslope Object and the Template still exist unless you delete them. If you edit the Template again later it will recreate the sideslope again so you will have the lines that are dependednt and the lines that you exploded away from the sideslope.


what can be done about copying the linestring and still go back into the side slope to make changes. without the copied linestring being removed from the layered you copied it to. I am making copies of the linestring from the exploded side slope to create a surface. I am also making adjustments to the linestring for a better tie into the existing. I just check some detours i made from copied linestring a month ago and now those surfaces are gone.