Exploding a Sidelsope Object

This question comes up quite a lot - can I separate the linework generated using a sideslope command from the sideslope object so that the linework does not get regenerated each time something changes?

The answer is yes. You can explode the sideslope object using the Explode command. The sideslope object is actually a container in the TBC Database. The container carries the Template used to create the sideslope linework and the linework that is generated by the command. To explode the sideslope object you have to select the sideslope object itself - that can be found at the same location that you placed the sideslope template. It is indicated with a small yellowy orange marker that is typically placed on Layer unless you tell the command otherwise or relayer the object or template. If you click on the diamond to select it, it will pop up the list of objects at that location e.g. the line on which the sideslope is attached, the sideslope template and the sideslope object itself. Then once selected you can run the explode command in the same way that you would explode CAD blocks etc.

Video shows you how