Exporting Sheet View Data to AutoCAD

AutoCAD has Model Space (equal to TBC Plan View) and it has Paper Space (equal to TBC Sheet View). AutoCAD does not have a Profile View, or a Superelevation View or a Station and Offset View etc. so data drawn in those views in TBC and then Dynaviewed into the Sheet View is not compatible with AutoCAD. In AutoCAD remember that Paperspace is a drawing layout of what you have drawn in the Plan View (defined through a Viewport (equivalent to a TBC Dynaview). So when we map data from TBC to AutoCAD you cannot send only the Sheet Data, you have to also send the source data from the Plan view as well.

In the Sheet View of TBC if you have drawing elements (lines etc) as opposed to Dynaviews and Dynaview Content, if you select the data only using a window select for example, those data items will be exported as a DWG file in Model Space. If you select the Sheets and Sheet Sets in the Project Explorer then they will be exported in Paperspace to the DWG. If you have Dynaview content from the Plan View, then select the Sheets and Sheet Set in the Project Explorer and the Plan View data that goes with the Dynaview. That way the Plan View Data goes to Model Space, the Dynaview Frame becomes a Viewport and the Dynaview in the Sheet becomes a Paperspace view of the Viewport.

Grids in TBC currently have to be exploded before export. I have a request in to allow Grids to be exploded as you export to DWG / DXF. Use the Explode Grids.

Profiles in TBC that are dynaviewed into the Sheet Set cannot currently be exported to DWG - I have a request in to enable the exploding of a Dynaview of a profile View as you export to DWG. Since Profile View does not exist in AutoCAD we have nowhere to place the source data that understands Station and Elevation and Vertical Exaggeration or Vertical Curves of any kind, and therefore we cannot populate the Dynaview / Viewport in the right way to make this viable.