Using A Prepared Drafting Template

This template used in this example was prepared for an RPS User in Florida - The Template is a v1 Beta template and still needs some work, however I recorded this video to show them how to use the Template. To a large extent the template is ready for use - there are still Layers and Layer Groups, View Filters to finalize and the Blocks need to be improved to some CAD standards, however the basics are all there.

When we discussed with the user, it was clear that it would be cheaper for them to have us develop the template for them using our know how and experience and then teach them how to use the Template and then tweak and adjust it from there as they get more experienced in its use.

The template started out as an AutoCAD DWG file that we reworked into Plansets and Sheet Sets.

The template still contains some original layering because some of the blocks have been drawn on the layers on which they will ultimately be placed rather than on Layer 0 which is a better solution as then you have more control over how they will be displayed.

The Layers from the original CAD have been reworked into TBC Layers and Layer Groups.

The Sheet data has all been reworked - in this process we have found, reported and have had Trimble address a number of bugs and defects that have slowed down this process, the fixes should all be in the next release of TBC. Those bugs include

  1. Importing DWG Paper Space information - Blocks were all sized 12x too big (it was not recognizing the Sheet View is in inches vs feet)
  2. Multiline text can include embedded formatting - TBC was not supporting that well - so we have addressed that
  3. Multiline Text Export was not holding the text block width on export so all of the text blocks were being written out as a single line of text - that has been addressed and we have added a Width and Line Spacing property to multi line text that will show up after you have made a grip edit of a text block.
  4. Multiline Text Import and Export has a text character width scaling issue - Trimble are still looking into that - we hope that it will be addressed before release of v5.60
  5. Blocks were not correctly supporting the View Filter override settings of TBC so they were plotting in their By Layer color rather than the override colors being applied.

You will need the next release or a Beta version of the next release to see these huge improvements in compatibility with AutoCAD when it comes to Text and Blocks management in both Sheet and Plan Views.

The video shows the template and how to use it - I will redo the video once we have the Template finalized so we can show what a finished template looks like

If you want us to help you work up a full Project Template let us know what you need and we can provide you with a quote to do the work.


As a follow on to the initial request, the user then asked how they could create multiple copies of one of the sheet sets to lay out drawings for other areas on the project.

In this video we show how to create a new Sheet Set, create a temporary or permanent dynaview collection and then how to copy the titles and borders from an existing sheet set to the new sheet set and then build the required sheets.

Video shows you how