Extending surface slope

Is there a way to extend the edge of a surface using the adjacent slope? Slope is variable.

Tommy Tomsu

I had this same question with this answer from Alan,. You would need two 3D lines either created from the surfaces or the 3D lines used to create the surface.

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The offset slope command will do that - you should create a surface edge breakline, offset the line inside the surface by a distance like 1’ or 5’ depending on what you think it needs to be. Then change the elevation of the second line using the surface elevation (change elevation command) and then use the offset slope command - pick the inner of the two lines, pick the second of the two lines and then the offset that you want on the outside eg 5’ and it uses the slope between the strings - comes off the first line perpendicular and projects out the 5’ at the slope between the two strings.


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