Forum Engagement

We provide support for the TBC and Rockpile communities utilizing the Trimble and MyRockpile forums.

Trimble and Rockpile Community Forums

The Trimble and Rockpile Community forms are both available to all TBC users globally. Through these sites Rockpile Solutions staff provide support, technical responses to questions with written and video work process responses. Alan Sharp, our Marketing Director, is well known for the support that he provides on behalf of Trimble through the Trimble Community website and through delivery of numerous Power User Group training programs.

Trimble TBC Community Forum for Construction

In addition, we as a Rockpile Team host our own community site for users:

My Rockpile Community Forum for TBC and Rockpile Solutions Products

The Rockpile Community has public areas where you can find searchable support information for Trimble Business Center and the RPS TML Command Library. You can access the Rockpile community by pressing F1 in any Rockpile Solutions command or through the Community link on The Rockpile Website. Through the Rockpile Community you can post questions, answers, and comments to new or existing threads, plus you can view all publicly available threads from other users and Rockpile Staff.

When you become a Rockpile Solutions All Tools and/or Season Pass member, you will be given access to private, premium content areas of the community reserved for our subscribers. Therein you can find libraries and templates for TBC around Drafting, Materials and Site Improvements, Project Templates, Block and Symbol libraries, and more.

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