Support Bulletin - Trimble ID and RPS Community and RPS Command Library

RPS Command Library and RPS Community Forum both use the Trimble ID system for authentication. Trimble updated Trimble the ID system last Monday and released patch updates for TBC version 5.3x, 5.4x and the v5.52 current release to support those changes. The patch updates to v5.3x and 5.4x are free to all people that had a warranty covering those versions. If your warranty does not cover those versions and you are currently using an older version of TBC please contact your dealer to work out how to move forwards (purchase a warranty agreement for your TBC license etc.).

If you have an appropriate warranty please upgrade your TBC installation using the latest patch for the version 5.3 or 5.4 that you are running, or if at all possible upgrade to version 5.52.

Once you have updated your TBC installation, the RPS Command Library will be able to operate without issue. You may need to reset your Trimble ID (Support - Options - External Services - Profiles (Trimble Identity) so that the RPS Command Library license can be authenticated.

If you are using the MyRockpile Community, if you have already set up your account you can continue to use it by logging in with your email address (the same one that you use for your Trimble ID. We have suspended the Trimble ID while we await Trimble assistance to allow us to support the latest changes that they have made.

The MyRockpile Library has been covered by Shane in a separate post - again there you can use your email address - if it will not let you in, click Forgot Password and respond to the email that gets sent to you to reset your password - once set you will have full access to your video content library as before.

If you are having any issues with your TBC setup, your MyRockpile Community forum access or your MyRockpile library please contact us by email ( or phone 720 797 8001 and we will do a web meeting to get you up and running.


Alan Sharp