How do I determine which TCC Account my Works Manager is Connected To?

Depending on the workflow associated with Works Manager, it may use your TCC account for storage of files and for synchronizing data with field devices etc. You can find the Account Details for the TCC Account that it is connecting to by looking at the Details Tab for the current project

The Account Name e.g. DEMO ROCKPILE is the Full Account Name of your TCC Account

The Short Organization Name e.g. DEMOROCKPILE is the Org Name that you enter when logging into TCC

When you set up your Devices in Works Manager, the Device Setup is making a Connection to Devices that are Synchronizing to your TCC Account. When a Device Syncs to TCC after being setup in Works Manager it claims a Device License on your Works Manager Account.

When you setup your SCS900 or Siteworks Device to Sync with TCC / Works Manager, you enter the Device Details and then connect it to your TCC Account. Make sure that your Password Setup for the Device matches that of TCC and of Works Manager (should all be the same Device, TCC and Works Manager)

Once all the credentials for the Device match up, the Device will be able to Sync with TCC for Data Transfer and to Ping Works Manager (Siteworks Only) with the Device Status information.