How Do I Move a Point Cloud

To move a Point Cloud you will need to use the Georeference Point Cloud or Register Scans command (Georeference Tab) to move the point cloud data. The entire scan including all derived Point Cloud Region will be moved.

In order to be able to move the point cloud you will need 1 point (to move only) or 2 or more points to Move, rotate and scale in 3D. You will need to create the target locations as CAD Points in the correct XYZ locations. The process requires 3D points.

For the source locations you can free pick within the point cloud - this will find the nearest point in the point cloud to the pick location. If you want a snapable location you can use the Create point command and use the Point Cloud Picker next to the N or E coordinate field (cloud icon) in Default mode to create points at the desired locations. Do not create a polyline to define a baseline in the source data, the georeference routine can select the end points of the polyline which are not points in the point cloud and the routine will flag errors and stop the point pairs from being usable or that the Point has an invalid Point ID.

The video shows the process

As a follow on to this review, I found out that you can actually Move and Rotate a Scan Station of an imported point cloud scan to move and rotate a point cloud. When you import an e.g. LAS file, the point cloud is created as one or more regions, and if you use Option 1 or Option 2 in the point cloud importer (not option 3) you will get a Scan Point and a Scan Station location in the centroid of the imported Point Cloud. You can select the Scan Station from the project Explorer or graphically (at the white dot in the middle of the point cloud region(s) ) and then use the Move or Rotate commands to move and rotate a point cloud into position.

You should refer to the Geospatial White Papers that cover Grid and Ground and Scale Factors and Coordinate Systems relating to Point Clouds, so that you understand what is going on “under the hood”. While this process works, I cannot comment on whether or not it is a good or right thing to do, and how it will affect Grid, Ground, Coordinate System or Scale Factors etc.

Video shows you how