Scan to CAD using point clouds

Is scan to CAD the best way to create a grid of points that can be exported for other uses. Is there a way to generate the points as regular TBC points. Is there an advantage to either

Scan to CAD allows you to create CAD Point Objects either on a “near to grid” or random sampling basis. If you use the Sample Point Cloud option it creates a new Point Cloud Region with the sample data in it as opposed to CAD Points.

The alternative is to create a surface from the point cloud and then use our Surface to Grid command which allows the creation of a rectangular grid or a station and offset grid with respect to the alignment. The Z values of the Grid points are then interpreted from the surface rather than being true 3D points extracted from the point cloud, however because a point cloud is so dense, depending on how much of the point cloud you use to build the surface (Support - Options - Point Cloud Settings) will dictate how much variance there will be between the points derived from the TIN vs the point data derived from the point cloud.