How To Do Takeoffs On Count Objects

Very often I get asked how to create Takeoff reports for Count Objects where there are a number of Attributes needed on each of the points e.g. For Manholes you may want to enter the Rim and Invert of the structure so that you can capture its height (in Excel after running a report) or you may want to capture the diameter of the manhole.

There are many uses of this and the easiest way to create point objects with user defined attributes is to use the Feature Definition library - primarily designed for survey work, but can also be use for this purpose in combination with the RPS Point Details report which will easily list all of the attributes for each type of object that you create.

The added benefits here include

  1. The points can be annotated with a symbol from the symbol library
  2. The symbols can be sized based on an attribute value
  3. The point details including all of the attributes can be reported directly into separate columns in Excel using the RPS Point Details Report
  4. The point details can then be used to determine quantities or durations etc. from the sum of the attribute values
  5. Attributes can include automatic cost codes to aid in estimate creation

Once you have setup your feature definitions, you can save them out for other projects use as well.

In the example here, a user has to remove a number of tree stumps on a project. The tree stumps have different sizes e.g. 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft etc. and in addition each size of stump has a different removal time that they want to quantify for bid and planning purposes. So we created a Feature Definition File containing 3 presized stumps and one stump that can be user defined attribute entry. We used the Create Point command with the Measure Codes function - that allows me to create a Coe Group for Stumps where all my stump codes are on a quick access dashboard. Then I can click the code, click the location and add the point for each stump, and if needed I can add / edit the predefined attribute values. Then we run the Point Details Report to generate the report needed for estimating.

Once setup, this can provide a fast and easy way to execute takeoff of point / count objects for a project, and generate a great report that can provide you the totals.

The video shows you how