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Would it be possible to also be able to compare points with this tool? Sometimes we are working with piles and when they are in the ground we survey them and have to do a report of the quality. We need to report the staked point with the surveyed point and show it in a list. We do this today in Excel but it would be nice if we could do it straight from TBC. Here is a pic of how we do it today. In the first row is the staked pile and the second row is the surveyed pile when its in the ground. The third row is showing the difference.

I will add it to the list - we are just doing some point based work (creating points at all line locations with or without relation to a reference line or alignment for stations including all Radius points, IP points, intervals, tangent points vertical tangent points, VPIs, High Low points Vertical High and Low points on curves and so on - exporting for a robotic layout system and then importing its as staked location- I will see if we can create a to that can convert some points to As Staked locations that match up with design locations so we can write a comparison report from the data


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Hi Alan,
I would add my 2 cents to that request, as I am comparing thousands of hold down bolts in the footings for the conveyor. Quite often we just get a csv file with data and then we need to compare it with the design location. and currently we do that in excel. What would be nice though, is to compare it in reference to conveyor CL, and also create the distance column as well. As the tolerances are pretty tight, it would be nice to specify the tolerance when running report.

HI Alan

Has there been any movement on the point commands in this macro. I have just had a query from another surveyor looking for the exact same scenario with the staked piles report.


We did a point comparison report for the CIV Manager but that just compares points with points - I does not do.the station and offset at the same time - so.we can do point to point or poi t to alignment and or surface but not all 3 at the same time.

I will.add that to.the list


Hi Alan,
I do similar work with pile measuring, but our final delivery is different. There is my Copy/paste from: Best fit circle from point cloud cut | TBC Macros and Extensions
I am looking for someone who is able create macro, for buried piles as-build scanning workflow. We are staking-out and after measuring as builds for buried piles. After, we do as-build drawings in ZWCad.
After scanning we got a cutting plan, were we see points on pile surface. From these points we need to automatically create best fit circles for all selection . Circle center points are used as as-build pile centers for final as-build drawings.

I had this exact conversation last week with another user in Australia - Our Optimize Linestring command can find a circle from a line drawn between 3D points - I have to check that it would work in a Cutting Plane - because those lines have a UCS -0 however we can remove the UCS and then run it on the 3D line - so I would

Take the scan
Use the Cutting Plane View to draw a polyline through the points to create a “chorded circle” and then optimize that line to create the circle.

I believe we can do that today - could you share a point cloud of a scan like that so I can create a video of how to do this for you


“Chorded circle” already is one of way we are using, but better way is ready comand “create Circle / Create three-point circle”
That we are looking for is automate process to avoid this comands (Chorded circle and Create three-point circle) and draw circles automatically from point cloud!

If they are cylinders that can be recognized in the Point Cloud - are they vertical, horizontal or sloping cylinders - if vertical maybe one of the Feature Recognition processes may pick up the cylinders - eg Tree recognition or pole recognition - if inclined or horizontal then these wont work today at least I don’t think so we are left with chorded circles

If I could get a dataset from you with examples in the file I can take a look for you


I have send a link on e-mail contact@rockpilesolutions.com containing link: Ērta, droša failu glabāšana vai apmaiņa. Bezmaksas konts
Or use direct this one. You will download a zipped TBC file where is scan data.