How to Offset a Line and Project Slope Automatically

Does anyone know of a way to offset a line by a distance and project the slope with a variable %? I know variable offset is a tool that can do this but I am looking for an automatic method.

Ex. Creating a SG surface that is 20" below FG. Offsetting FG surface by 20" to create the SG surface… However, the SG extends 6’-5" beyond the FG shoulder edge extents. The slopes of SG need to follow the FG %. The FG has super elevated curves so using the variable offset command would be quite time consuming.

Is there an automatic solution for this yet? If not… may be an opportunity for a TML.

Thanks in advance,

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The command I was looking for was already in the Rockpile library called Offset Slope in the Modeling category.

Works fantastic!

I was able to use 2 lines a reference to account for the slope and then input offset distance… specify name of line and layer destination…last…sampling distance…apply. Boom!

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Great to see you found it buddy - it does work well - you should also check out the slope slope command also that too is great for this type of work

Thanks for posting