Importing PDF Sheets - Site Grading Project - Extracting Linework - Cleaning Overlap Areas

In this video we show the process of importing 3 overlapping PDF sheets for a site grading project, we show how to use the Georeference Image command to place and crop the sheets, how to match the sheets using common points on different sheets and then how to extract the linework from the 3 sheets and crop the linework to eliminate overlaps in the linework.

The processes shown include

Import - To import the PDF Sheets
Georeference PDF - To place the sheets in plan view to scale
Move - To Move the PDF sheets to a real world location
Rotate - To rotate the sheets into the correct orientation
Transform / Transform by Points - To move and rotate the sheets in one process
Import Vector PDF Data - To extract linework and text from the PDF sheets
Selection Explorer - To create selection sets to group each sheets linework for easy selection
View Filter Manager - Using Selection Sets and View Filter Controls
Clip - To clip the linework for each sheet to common boundaries
Select by Polygon - To make selections outside of a sheet boundary area
Delete - To delete unwanted information
Create Rectangle - To create sheet area boundaries
Track Region - To create an irregular boundary area for the overlapping sheets

The video shows you how

In the second video we show how to import and georeference Raster PDF files, how to match up multiple sheets and crop the sheets down to remove title boxes and borders. We also sow how to manage the PDF pages graphically and also how to digitize linework including straight and arc sections at different elevations using Polylines, Linestrings and Quick Line methods.