Input Inches With Fractions in TBC

Hello! When entering in feet & inches into a TBC command like Offset what is the correct format to enter for conversation? If you enter 19’9 it will convert to 19.75 to utilize in the command. How you would you enter fractions as well, such as 19’ 9-3/4". Any dashes or slashes seem to be trying to do the math based on the input. Thank You!

just spaces will do.




@Francisco_Guerrero Thank You! I was overthinking it. Appreciate that!

@Francisco_Guerrero do you have any idea on using feet and inches when only offsetting a segment? See video

with the advancement of the Vector PDF tool and snap. I would turn on the Vector snap if that PDF is a Vector PDF. then just snaps to those segments along the PDF.
if not, then a table in Excel to convert the inches =CONVERT(A3,“in”,“ft”)


Got it, thanks. I just wanted to see if there was a reason that you couldn’t enter ft in into the offset segment routine. Snaps wouldn’t be viable because of how they mark up these plans and external conversation is always an option too. Just trying to stay in the same routine. Thanks.

Good work Frank - thanks for the assist here


Alan, is there any reason that it will not allow the fraction input for use with “offset segment” or do they just not anticipate someone needing to enter FT IN into that input? Thanks!

Probably a bug that that control doesn’t allow it - I will report it in once I have verified it


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Great, thanks Alan !