Interesting PDF Sections Problem

This example cam in today and I thought it was worth capturing on video. These PDF Sections had a few new issues to me

  1. The Sections were all rotated 90 degrees on the sheets - this was the first one of these that I can remember seeing

  2. The grids on the sections were the Multiple Type (a column with grids filling the column), but the grids were all basically dots - not lines at all in the PDF

So to solve this you have to bascically draw one horizontal grid line (Elevation grid line) and then use the center line marker line as the offset grid, set the elevation on those to 0 for the Offset 0 line and the elevation of the grid line for the elevation grid lines, then run Increment text and add a Station Labels because the text in the PDF is all Polylines - and then sort out the section data onto layers and explode a few polygon lines to get the linework as needed and then flip to 3D and you are off to the races.

The video shows you how

Doesn’t seem to be any audio for the video.

Dammit - I used Snagit rather than Camtasia and did not check the settings - looks like I need to do a voiceover

Thanks for the heads up


This video looks interesting but for some reason There is no sound.

I added Narration to the video - It will help but boy it is hard narrating a video you recorded without a lot of preparation work ahead of time - I think it is good enough now.


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