Issues creating surface from DWG shell object

I have an issue trying to make a surface from a DWG file.

The triangle surface seems to be many shell objects,

Was able to explode the shell object
But unable to create a surface, kept on getting an error command out of memory

Does anyone have workarounds with this kind of data
210226 Seaview Model.dwg (47.3 MB)

We have just been doing some work on the Explode IFC Shell command so that it can also Explode 3D Face Objects as well as IFC Shells. We now separate the IFC Shells into 3 Layers - Top, Bottom and Sides automatically and we also de duplicate the data i.e. common sides of 3D faces get eliminated unless they happen to be the Edge of the Top or Bottom or Sides where we need them to be duplicated but only one on each layer.

There are a number of Groups of Faces - I relayered the Groups onto different Layers so that the groups on the same layer would form a single surface. There are some Cut or Geology surfaces in here that need separating from the Existing / Design before you explode them if you want to create a good surface from this data.

Even with the de duplication of data - the main surface here has 356711 lines in it - you for sure do not want to also extract points as well in TBC as that will kill the graphics unless they are made into a point cloud

I used the updated command to create this VCE file and it seems to form a surface OK on my machine

Interesting data set to look at - it is amazing how many different approaches the engineers are taking these days to achieve the same result!

In the file the Shell - Surface Group A is the main surface and Layer
In the file the Shell - Surface 7,8,9,10,11, 12 and 13 look like Geology layers to me -I have exploded those for you and modeled them into Surfaces - They are much smaller than the main surface

The -UP layers are the Top surface of the Shells - they all look like single surfaces (no bottom or sides) so only the Top (Up) was created.

Cool Model

3D Faces Model.7z (73.5 MB)


Thanks Alan great help, They are now doing the same with the dgn files i receive for highway project.

Designers are saying it will take them 8 hours extra to export out Landxml and are very reluctant to supply the information in Landxml format