RPS Explode Solids Command - Issue

I’ve run into a small issue with the RPS Explode Solids Command, that the option button is not functioning

Current work around is to select the objects first.

(RPS Explode Solids Command - RPS Data Prep Toolbox - MyRockpile Community)

Also found one more issue with DGN import

Layer seems to step in various location (down is up and up is down)

The way that the command separates Tops from Bottoms is by looking at the way in which the faces are drawn. Typically they are all drawn the same way around so those on Top are clockwise for example and therefore those on the underside while they are drawn clockwise, they are upside down, so when viewed from the Top they are anticlockwise. I have seen some files from Bentley where different surfaces are drawn in different ways and that is an internal inconsistency of them creating the objects - there is unfortunately no other way to do this because the IFC or 3D Face objects do not have a defined top or Bottom. When we do the sides we are looking for faces that have a slope angle on them within the verticality range that you define e.g. 5 degrees - and all those faces are separated out and treated as “Verticals or Sides”, however with Top and Bottom they all have the same slope ranges and we cannot determine Top and Bottom from those.

That is not to say that we may have a bug / defect that could be fixed, however if all the faces in a file work but a few do not, my guess is that it is the file that was written badly vs us having a bug or defect - if we can get just the faces that have an issue in a VCL file we can take a look - but I am not sure that we can fix them all because of the above methods used.

If we were processing one slab surface at a time - then I guess we could do a double check on what we are saying is Top and what we are saying is bottom and look at one pair of triangles at the same spot and see if the Top is indeed higher than the bottom and if not flip the order - however not all faces or IFCs are slab surfaces with a Top and Bottom - but I will ask developers if we could do that check somehow.

Can you share the slab surface that has an issue and also highlight the location where the inversion happens so we can see if we can improve our extraction methods.


Thank Alan

Full understand it a design issue in the way they are drawing the shells ? Lot of bad data here which I’m trying to clean up.

Main issue there is a over 150 cuts with some line work, same with the fills, but mainly DGN shells, so this would take a long time to do individual (who be good to have a QA tool to do some checks)

I’m thinking my work around would be:

Create two surface (one top and one bottom)
Then merge them together using keep minimum merge surface command

Or is there another way to select both layers and pick the lowest linework with a filter? Then Relayer

I’ve sent you the VCL file via trimble connect - Asia Server, what I’m trying to do is to create a subgrade model so i can run a mass haul at some stage.