Keying In A Simple Traverse

In the video below we show you how to key in Station Setups and Backsight / Foresight observations for a simple traverse in TBC and then how to use those observations to compute the traverse and traverse adjustment. If you have multiple cross brace observations, the traverse can be used to compute the main loop but not use the checks from the cross braces - if you need to do that then I would process the data using the adjust network process (which is the subject of a different video I guess if needed).

The traverse in the example starts at

Station B and Backsights to A and Foresights to C
Moves to Station C, Backsights to B and foresights to D
Moves to Station D, Backsights to C and Foresights to A
Moves to Station A, Backsights to D and Foresights to B (Closes the loop)

The stations B and A are given known coordinates - the traverse could close when you observe to A from D as that closes onto a known coordinate, or can close when you foresight to B from A which closes out the loop to the starting point (B).

Video Shows You How