Support for CIVRobotics Robots in TBC (Standard Tools and RPS Tools)

I had this question today from a customer wanting to know how the standard TBC could be used to output data in the correct format for the CIV Robotic System, and also how the Rockpile CIVManager Tools could assist that process.

The key setup issues are as follows

  1. Project Settings - Units - Coordinates - Latitude/Longitude needs to be set to 8 decimal places of precision in order to get the correct level of accuracy

  2. The Project needs a coordinate system setup or a site calibration in order to convert the design coordinates in N,E,Z to WGS84 coordinates in Latitude, Longitude and Height.

  3. You have to set up an export script to create the CIV required format for export. The format is either a 4 column or 5 column format - column 5 is for the CIV dominant color workflow as used in solar projects. 4 column format is P,Lat,Long,SWP and 5 column is P,Lat,Long,SWP,Color. The first line of the file needs to read EPSG 4326 (this is the EPSG number for WGS84. Note that the header line needs to be entered to the file manually if using Standard TBC functions. The RPS CIVManager tool takes care of the formats automatically.

The video shows you how