Lines to text command?

I could be wrong, but I think I remember seeing lines to text command? Is this possible?

We have done work in this area but have not released it at this point - the use case was mainly for cross sections to extract offsets, elevations and station labels that are all written West to East on a drawing - maybe at different text heights and maybe in different original fonts but this makes it easier to find the text characters in the linework. When you have text at all angles it is extremely difficult to define anything to do the conversion process

What is your use case for such a tool?

Thanks for the reply, I do a lot of airport work, they design using grid grades. Most of the time when you import the data the text imports as lines. It would be nice to have that tool to turn those line into text. As you can see from the screen shot the text is at the same angle, and this is usually the case.

Could you email me the layer of data that has the text as lines as an example to test against - would like to see how our tool works on that - now that we have Rotate View - we may be able to Rotate the View to the angle of the text to assist the extraction process - I think that should be possible.

I can’t upload a DXF, it won’t let me…heres a link to the file

Are you just trying to drag into TBC? I would line to take a look at the Data and try for myself to see if there is a problem. Not sure if anyone has replied but I would love to help.

I found your data. I will try it in a minute. If you have found the problem just LMK