Bug - Rotate Plan View Import Vector PDF Data

Has anyone else run into issue when importing vector data from pdfs with the plan view rotated? My text is not in the correct position.

This has happened on all of the sheets I have brought data in from today.

I have not noticed that but I can understand how it happens because Text has a Rotation property (as do Blocks etc) but not linework etc.

I will report it into Trimble - the Vectorize function likely does not expect the view to be rotated so I guess it is placing it in the unrotated position.

I guess you need to vectorize into unrotated views for a few weeks till they fix iut.


I should be all set because I have the pdf underlay as reference if I need the text and really just need the Linework to work with but thought it was Rather odd. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t goofing something up.

Thank you!

I just did a quick check and for me with a Rotated Plan View (after PDF import) i then extracted the Vectors / text and the Text was all oriented correctly - so not sure what you did differently here Pat or maybe it is something squirly with the file you used

I only did one sheet as a quick check but it llooks like it is doing the right thing

For those that may be following this:

Way that works

  1. Import Image
  2. Georeference image
  3. Rotate Plan View
  4. Import vector data
  5. Everything works correctly

Way that doesn’t work

  1. Rotated Plan View
  2. Import Image
  3. Georeference image
  4. Import Vector Data
  5. Text remains rotated east/west