Minor updates today

We have updated a few commands today

  1. Divide line by slope distance - we fixed a defect that has shown up in TBC v5.4 use of the command that when you hit configure to enter the values for the divide distance it threw an exception. While we were in the command we also changed the dialog around to make it flow better and also added the RPS New Layer control into the command so you can now add Layers and Layer Groups and configure the Takeoff Properties of the layer as needed.

  2. Convert to Linestring command - we were sent a file on Monday that had linework embedded in blocks where the lines were defined using CAD Ellipse objects (only parts of the ellipse) and also had UCS on them. The Ellipse elements once exploded did not show the UCS properties so we had Trimble add those properties to Ellipse objects so you can now see them. In addition, when you converted the ellipse objects into linestrings using the RPS Convert to Linestring command the linestrings created were flipped and then were displaying in the wrong place. We have corrected that behavior in the update. We are also adding a Filter Vertical Vertices function to the partially licensed version of the command - this will filter vertical vertices of a line in the same way as we filter the horizontal nodes. This may take us a little longer to release as a result but it will be out in the next few days.

  3. Track Line Edges - we updated this command to remember the last used alignment each time the command is executed as it was defaulting to the first alignment in the list all the time. This makes the work flow a lot better when you are tracking lines through flipped CAD or PDF Cross Sections.

We hope you like these minor updates