RPS Command Updates Release Today - Oct 15th 2021

In association with the release of RPS Slope Designer today, a number of other enhancements have also been released

  • Point Creator has been enhanced with the addition of intervals for Arcs, Spirals, Vertical Arcs, Vertical Parabolas and straight lines. The changes were required for the slope designer command so that we can build high accuracy linework for the purposes of model building.

  • RPS Settings has been updated to support the changes to Point Creator and Slope Designer commands

  • Rockpile Custom Controls has been enhanced to support some of the new controls used in the new commands - notably the Show Line Direction function on line selection is now a toggle button to the right of the selector field as shown below


  • RPS Shim has been updated to handle the changes needed for the new commands

Today is a good day and culminates months of work on Slope Designer and Point Creator to produce some great new technologies - thanks to Peter and Wyn for all their hard work - this capability is an awesome addition


Great Job Team Rockpile. From Team ASM.