Multiple file export

I am working on a job with multiple survey subcontractors and machine subcontractors working in the same area. As a result of different systems and software being utilised the models and linework need to be exported in a multitude of formats. It would be handy if I could select a surface and export out to TTM, XML and DWG (3d surfaces) at the same time instead of having to do each one individually.

Any suggestions?

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I can see the issue, I don’t have a magic answer for that though - I don’t think it would be hard to create a batch exporter that could run the standard exports on selected data - i can discuss with the team - however we have a list that we are working on currently so it may be a while till we get to this as I want to get some extra data prep and takeoff tools written first - we will be working on your current request next week

Great idea. That would be super useful with mixed fleets.

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