Name by Layer Command - Improvements

July 23 2020
The Name by Layer command was updated to provide the ability to change the Linestyle, Line Color and Lineweight of selected lines to the color defined for the layer that they are on from the ByLayer setting. This allows the Name of the layer to be carried on the objects using the Name property, and the other attributes of the line to be locked in to their Color, Linestyle and Lineweight so that when lines are subsequently relayered, they can at least be tracked back to their initial provenance data if necessary.

The upgrades to the command are licensed upgrades (Data Prep Toolbox). This is the first partially secured command that we have created. It adopts the “Orange Out” approach where we turn text associated with licensed elements of the command orange to highlight their licensed status.

August 11th 2020
Fixed a bug caused by the above update that stopped the use of the Map File from working.

Hi Alan,

We use this command a fair bit in relation to designing services and exporting to kml. Terramodel used to have a command that was kind of the reverese of this that would relayer an object to a layer that used the objects name for the layer name. Handy when dealing with field data of service pickups when using a services naming convetion.