Offset Slope Enhance

requesting an enhancement for the Offset Slope command to be able to use a linestring as the offset and not just a single offset. This would cut some file size when wanting to extend the slope of two lines.

You can use an offset large enough to catch the line you are talking about and then use change elevation to drape it on the surface created by the offset line and source lines


That was one option I had in mind as well as just doing a side slope which I just did the side slope.

Maybe I’m missing something but can’t you do a node to node for one or both the offset and slope? Below is an example where the slope is defined by the previous node and node 3. The offset is also the same but you could use a different node if you wanted to.


there is a RPS command that will allow you to use two 3d linestring to offset to one certain distance. this is a quick way of offsetting your slope to a distance which a variable offset is not allow (yet, i hope)
this is the rps command

You can in a corridor or in a sideslope command