Offset to Elevation?

Hi all,

Maybe i keep missing it but is there an offset to elevation command?

My example is I have a variable depth ditch that I need to offset at a 3:1 to a constant elevation. My ditch depth runs from a 2036.20 to a 2037.40. I want to offset to a constant berm height of 2043.00. Is there a command that does that? I swear I remember one somewhere but for some reason my brain can’t locate it. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know a workaround for it but it is time consuming and there should be a faster way I think?!?!

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Use one of the following methods

  1. change elevation command
  2. edit line string command to change the elevation at different nodes along a line string


Thanks Gavin, however I am not trying to edit an existing line or change its elevation. I am trying to offset to a new line at a constant elevation from an existing line with a variable elevation therefore creating a 3:1 slope to the new line that has a variable length dependent on the elevation of the base line. I actually just found the command under the side-slope command and found the slope to elevation in there.

I knew i had seen it somewhere but just couldn’t remember. I just had to dig a little bit longer.

Thank you for your response though!! I appreciate it! Have a great holiday!!:slight_smile:

You can do this in the Corridor or Sideslope command - there is an instruction type called Slope Elevation that allows you to do this.

We are also working on a command that I hope to release this coming week called Slope Designer and that does this also along with a host of other things relating to offsets, elevations, slopes, surface ties etc. in both manual and fully automated processes.


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Thanks Alan,

I did locate that command. I’m excited to see the command coming from you guys.



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