Site Takeoff for a Road Model - Tips and Tricks

We had a request earlier this week relating to using Site Takeoff techniques to build a road model and determining the Surface Area quantities for Pavement, Shoulder and Seeding on the foreslopes, embankments and Ditch bottoms. The user wanted to also compute the areas based on 500 foot station ranges, they wanted the subtotals and the totals. They also asked if there were ways to speed up the computations based on the way that they were doing things.

In the video below we show how to use Site Takeoff approach for a simple road model, how to structure the data layers for finished Grade to generate the reports that they wanted as well as how to optimize for speed. We used the Earthwork Summary Report to generate the results that they needed and the way that they wanted them presented. We also show the differences between a Grid based calculation and a TIN based calculation from the same model. how that can increase speed of reporting and what variations in results you can expect by using Grid vs TIN model approach (<1% delta in quantities).

The project and sample reports are all attached as a reference if you would like to take a look.

Hope this is useful

Video shows you how

Here are the files

MHufford - 1’ Grid Report.xlsx (22.7 KB) MHufford - 5’ Grid.xlsx (22.4 KB) MHufford - 10 foot Grid.xlsx (22.1 KB) MHufford - TIN Report.xlsx (23.6 KB) Simple Corridor Takeoff.vce (1.3 MB)

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