PDF Vectors not allowing me to choose between different sheets

I am trying to use the new PDF Vectors on Demand TML, and it will not let me toggle between imported sheets. Only the first pdf I brought in will show up in the dialog box. I have to go in and uncheck the box for saving the snap locations in order to use the other sheet I have imported. Is this a bug, or is this how the command is designed? Having a dropdown at the top of the PDF Vectors on Demand window lead me to believe that I could choose on the fly which pdf I could use the command on.

That is the intention of the drop down at the top. I’ve noticed that when you are Georeferencing the PDF that the check box for saving the snap locations resets after each placement. If you open the Georeference Vectored PDF command again, look at the check box on the sheets that are not working and ensure that the box is checked. If they are not, check the box and hit the register button at the bottom. That should solve your problem.