PDFS to Cad 3D Space

Is there a way to take a pdf and rotate this into 3D space? We run into a lot of issues with grading around buildings and the reason is because of the disconnect between plans. If we could bring in this data, primarily from pdfs because they is the only think we are guaranteed, this would help tremendously.

I thought I had done this before with C3D but would rather not run 2 programs.

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I have managed to RPS-Paste a profile graphic, and via the Copy To Profile workflow have gotten it into the profile view of an alignment - but this appears to be very much outside of intended use scenarios and results can be unpredictable. The main thing is that the graphic won’t scale vertically to match the exaggerated scale in the profile, so you’ll have to reduce the profile’s scale so that it’s 1:1 before using Move/Scale or By Points to place the graphic into position, and be prepared to verify the accuracy of the placement in at least a couple ways as a sanity check.

In my case, I had a mess of pipe profiles I was verifying, and I used the hidden command CreateProfileProxy to cast the pipes (represented at IE by 3D linestring) into the alignment’s profile for visual comparison with the PDF profile.

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