Creating a Mixed Drawing Sheet Output to PDF

This video shows how to create a single drawing sheet containing a Cut Fill Map, 3D View, Scale Bar, Project Title, Cut Fill Map Legend on a simple drawing Sheet template that has a simple border and company logo as shown here

The Drafting Templates used to create the sheet are here for you to download and use. Place the Drafting Template in the Drafting Templates Folder on your PC. The path for the drafting templates is as follows


US Feet Drafting Template: RPS Quick Sheet Master (US Feet).vcl (215.4 KB)

Rockpile Logo for the Template: Your Logo Goes Here (V)

Example PDF Output from this process: Pond CF MAP Drawings.pdf (884.4 KB)

Cut Fill Map Color Map Files: US Feet Cut Fill.7z (1.7 KB)

The video shows you how

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