Point Cloud Processor Issue

Good Morning,

For some reason when I use the Point Cloud Processor to create a surface from the point cloud, it shifts the surface horizontally from the position of the point cloud. I have tried several different ways of running the command and I have gotten the same result every time. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

This is a Grid to Ground issue - I have seen this once on another job and we need to look at what is happening - basically the PTS file we create is reimported using the TBC PTS import function and that defaults to Grid - if your project is in Ground then the point cloud is shifted laterally - in my case by 24’ after import.

I imported the PTS file manually and used the Ground option and it worked well. The PTS file is written to your Temp Files folder currently (we should probably write it to the project folder.

I will take another look into this with the dev team.

Could you share your project / project folder as a zip and I will take a look at this - I have been looking for a second example.


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We have now addressed this issue - if the project has a coordinate system it has a Ground to Grid Scale Factor. When the PTS file is written, we were writing it exactly as the current project coordinates i.e. the Grid Coords. When the PTS file reader is used to read the PTS file back in, it doesn’t allow you to say it is Grid, it assumes it is unscaled and so it applies the scale factor of the project to the PTS data. This cause the shift that you are seeing.

We have now modified the processes as follows

  1. If the Project is Grid Scaled and has a scale factor we write the PTS file as Ground Scaled Coords to a temp file so that when it is reimported, it is scaled back to the project coordinates correctly. The temp file has a different extension to a PTS file and is stored in the users Temp Folder location.

  2. If the Project has no scale factor then we write the data as Grid Scaled data to a PTS file in the RPS folder of the Project folder and reimport it. The re import does not scale the data because the scale factor is 1 so it is unaffected by the import process.

Note that a PTS file when imported is used in the determination of the project centroid (Position and Elevation) which is used to compute the scale factor used for all point clouds. The point cloud data is in the same coord range as the original data, however the data distribution may be a little different to the original undecimated data, so that may adjust the scale factor slightly (likely nothing really noticeable) but something to be aware of.

The fix will be out this am