Point Label Symbols are not correctly exported to AutoCAD DWG/DXF Files

I get this question pretty often. I import points in TBC. I use the Point Labeling function to label the points and I place a symbol on the points as a point indicator. The point symbol is derived from the Symbol font and is actually a center / center justified text character. When you send that out to an AutoCAD file, if AutoCAD does not have the Symbol Font file, it substitutes the text font Symbol for something other than Symbol resulting in a completely different character at the point locations.

If you provide the Symbol.shx file with the DWG Output file and tell the end user to place the .shx file in the Text Style Location on their computer for AutoCAD then the symbols will be read correctly because AutoCAD will load the Symbol File into its memory on startup. Once this has been done once then it will work every time thereafter.

If you have Autodesk Trueview or AutoCAD you can test this out yourself

Autodesk stores their font files as SHX files in the following location for Trueview - you can place the Symbol.shx file in this location

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\DWG TrueView 2021 - English\Fonts

TBC stores its SHX Files at this location on your computer

C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Business Center

The required Symbol.SHX file is also available here for download if you need it