Trimble Business Center and AutoCAD Compatibility Files

AutoCAD to accurately read and reproduce TBC DWG / DXF outputs will require the font definition files that TBC uses for all of the Stroke text fonts and the Symbols file. These files are .SHX files and can be downloaded below. The SHX files need to be placed in the AutoCAD installation Fonts folder, typically located at the following path

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\DWG TrueView 2021 - English\Fonts

Note that this is the path for TrueView 2021 and that AutoCAD will have its own path within the Autodesk folder in your \Program Files folder

Download the Zip file below and unzip the contents of the file into the above folder path.

Font symbol and linetype Files for (1.2 MB)

Provide this file and link to all your downstream users of AutoCAD DWG files generated using Trimble Business Center to ensure project compatibility between you. This process needs to be executed once per target AutoCAD installation.

If you do not do this, then in the absence of the true Symbol or Font definition files, AutoCAD will substitute its own Text Fonts for the ones used by TBC. This will result in Symbols becoming other characters and text styles not matching fully (text strings will have different character aspect ratios and character spacings, and multiline text objects while they may read the same will have a different layout and will occupy a different amount of space in the resulting drawings in AutoCAD.

Note: The next release of TBC (v5.60) has significantly improved text and block compatibility with AutoCAD and AutoCAD files for both Import and Export capabilities.