Project / Corporate Consulting

Rockpile Solutions Project & Corporate Consulting Program

Rockpile Solutions employs industry specialists with complete understanding of the Trimble Business Center Platform. We can create custom solutions as well through our TML development team, allowing you to address problems not currently addressed by the TBC platform. We offer two levels of consulting for our user base

Non RPS Subscriber Rate Consulting - 10 Hour Day Rate $2250.00

RPS Subscriber Rate Consulting - 10 Hour Day Rate $1750.00

Note: A 10 hour consulting engagement will often result in less than 10 hours of 1:1 time with you as a user, especially if we are developing training for you on agreed subjects using new data from you that we have not seen before. It is extremely common to have an equal requirement for our prep time to give you the consulting / response / training that you require.

If we need to incorporate industry specialists e.g. with Civil 3D or Bentley product knowledge, those would be charged at a day rate of $1500.00 per day.

In consulting engagements, our goal is to assist you to get the job done in the most efficient manner. We do not provide modeling services, however we may model parts of a project to show you how to tackle the project issues that you are encountering. Any data provided to you in the consulting process is for information and example purposes only, it is entirely your responsibility to verify and validate the data should you decide to use it in your solution.

Rockpile Solutions’ goal is simple: To make you more competitive.