TML Toolbox Packages

Trimble Business Center - TML Toolbox Packages

Rockpile Solutions is a specialist company that develops TML (Trimble Macro Language) commands for Trimble Business Center (TBC) software. Our primary focus is developing tools that increase productivity through task automation, keystroke reduction and tackling work processes not addressed by the core TBC product. We offer 3 separate Toolboxes for contractors as follows:

RPS All Tools Toolbox $1085

The RPS All Tools package incorporates all of the TML tools created by Rockpile Solutions that are available today or that are created and released during the subscription period of your license.

The RPS All Tools package includes a guarantee that as we introduce additional tools, regardless of the Toolbox that they get added to (new or existing) at any time during the subscription period for your license, we will provide those to you at no additional cost.

Our TML development team will develop additional tools on a continuous basis, in time we will certainly be creating additional toolboxes for Corridors, Takeoff and other applications as they arise. The cost of the toolboxes will increase in line with the value that they have as we add more capability to them. The All Tools guarantee, locks in the price point for the entire subscription period (up to 3 years).

RPS Data Prep Toolbox $395

Provides a powerful toolset to supplement TBC data prep capabilities. Tools to manage layers, clean up and sort CAD or PDF data and to perform data modifications, edits and create new objects

RPS Modeling Toolbox $495

Provides a powerful toolset to supplement TBC surface, cross section and corridor modeling capabilities. Tools that manipulate and correct surface models, imported PDF or CAD cross section data and corridor models. Tools to enhance model or takeoff drawings and provide enhanced reporting and data output capabilities

RPS Tool Shed Toolbox $195

The RPS Tool Shed contains a selection of tools that do not specifically fit into the Data Prep or Modeling Toolboxes. The commands in this toolbox also assist you to manage your TBC system e.g.text styles, toolbars, menus etc.

Rockpile Solutions’ goal is simple: To make you more competitive.