Quick Demo of the TBC Road Intersection and Cul-De-Sac Design Tools

In the video below we give you a quick demonstration of the TBC Road Intersection and Cul-De-Sac design tools that are so under used in TBC. These tools analyze the 3D geometrics of the intersection fully automatically and provide a fully parametric design interface to model the intersections accurately, controlling both the 2D layout and 3D grading of the intersection in a single quick process.

All of the linework that is generated by the command can then be used to modify / tweak the automatic design should you need to do that.

The commands cover multiple shapes of Cul-De-Sac including Circular, Tear Drop, Hammer Head (Left T, Right T, Cross T and X shaped) and Knoll (left or right).

The commands also cover T, Y, X and roundabout intersections complete with turning lane, separator islands, crossing sidewalks and more.

We do not recommend the tools here for “Data Prep” i.e. reverse engineering the plans because the tools here design their own geometry and it is extremely difficult to get the geometry created by this command to match the geometry that has been created by the engineer using either manual design methods or an alternative partially or fully automated design process. For Data Prep we recommend the use of the Vertical Design Tools that start out with the 2D layout of an intersection and the designed alignments and then allow you to enter slopes and elevations to control the grading of an intersection etc. The Vertical Design engine uses the same underlying mathematics engines of the design tools shown here, they are however applied to provided linework.