Rockpile greyed out ribbons?

Strange one this morning. All my rockpile ribbons are grayed out. Logged in and out of Trimble identity a few time same results.

did you close out of the project?

Good morning Francisco,

Yep opened a few different projects as a check. Just checked in with my coworker he’s having the same problem. Could be something on our side, I’m getting with my IT team.

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Having the “Grey Out Issue” also. I have re-booted, logged out and back in. Still same issue.
Any solution to this problem?

Good morning Danny,

After posting this I realized my TBC license manager was showing everything unlicensed. So I had a really nice viewer and that was about it. Turns out my network license got cloned, so Trimble shut it down. My Sitech dealer sent me a clear clone patch that sorted out the problem.

Hopefully this helps


If you go to license manager do you have. TBC License running - please check and advise.

If Yes - does Trimble ID say that you are logged in or Out - if Out please login. If In please logout and log in again.

If you do not have a TBC license for Survey Advanced that is found at startup of TBC TMLs will not run and the menus are greyed out. That is the only reason that happens as far as I am aware. If this fails please call me on 720 323 0481 and I will take a look at your setup with you.


Thanks Jason;
You know after I posted, I check my TBC license manager. Sure enough, it was not active? I have a USB key for my license, so now I’m looking at the HASP Troubleshooting Guide. I have never had a problem with my key, something screwy happen this morning on boot up. I’ll post again when I get back up and running.
Thanks Alan;
I do have Survey Advance; I was able to stick the USB key in my laptop, it works fine on this computer. I just have something screwy on my desktop. I’ll call when I’m at my wits end, if I can’t resolve.

My beautiful icons are back!
Antivirus program was the problem, it stopped my license manager. (Never happen before) went to run: services.msc and turn “Sentinel LDK License Manager” back on. Things are back to normal.
Thanks ALL!