RPS Settings Files That You May Find Useful As A Starting Point

Copy these files into your RPS Settings folders - you will need to unzip the files before placing them where you want them. Pick your RPS Settings folder from Tool Shed menu - RPS Settings - File Locations.

Multi-Offset Lines Templates

These templates are a starting point library for the MultiOffset Line command
RPS Multi Offset Line Templates v5.0.zip (17.3 KB)

Point Creator Styles

This settings file provides most of the point creator styles that you will use with Slope Designer, Multi-Offset lines and Point Creator commands. Settings that start with 00 - are for use with Slope Designer and Multi-Offset lines. The Offset settings are for Offset Elevation and Offset Slope designs and the Slope ones are for Slope to Elevation and Slope to Surface type designs. Those that start with 01 - or 02 - are for use with Point Creator command.

RPS Point Creator Settings v5.0.zip (1.6 KB)

Label Points Styles

For use with the label points command
LabelPoints.rps (8.8 KB)

Extract Surface Features Settings

For use with the Extract Surface Features command
ExplodeSurface.rps (1.1 KB)

Create Slope Indicators Settings

For use with the Create Slope Indicators command
CreateSlopeIndicatorsSettings.rps (247 Bytes)

Point Details Report Settings

PointDetailReportSettings.rps (2.3 KB)

Slope Designer Styles Settings

For use with the Slope Designer command
SlopeDesignerStyles.rps (45.8 KB)

Text Styles IO Command - Text Styles

Text Styles for use with any TBC Project or Project Template
textstyles.rps (19.7 KB)

Toolbar Manager Settings - Custom Toolbars for any Menu System

For use with the Toolbar Manager
Toolbars.rps (4.9 KB)

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