RPS Settings - Show Direction Settings

D_RPSsettings_600ppi   RPS Settings - Show Direction

Last Updated: August 2nd 2022

Added the full set of controls for Show Direction to RPS Settings

Show Direction:

For a full description of the Show Direction command Click Here

The Show Direction command currently manages its own settings, we have placed them here also so that you can more readily access them when in commands that use the Show Direction control functionality.

Flag start / end:
Flag start Checkbox:
Using the show direction command also allows you to place a flag at the start and end of the line to indicate the line extents. This is helpful when source lines are fragmented and you are trying to determine where line elements start and end. Check here to enable the start of line flag

Select the color for the start of line flag.

Flag end checkbox:
Check here to enable the end of line flag.

Select the color for the end of line flag.

Flag Size:
User the slider bar to increase (Right) or decrease (Left) the size of the flags displayed.

Arrow Location:
Segments option:
The show direction arrows will be displayed as a static arrow in the middle of each valid segment. The valid / invalid segment is determined using the segment length, the zoom scale and the arrow size selected below. The invalid segments are short segments where the arrow size would be too large for the segment.

Moving option:
The show direction arrow is a moving arrow that gradually progresses along the selected line to indicate the line direction. If you select this option you can change the Refresh / speed of movement in the next control - move the slider to the right for increased speed and to the left for decreased speed.

Arrow Colors:
Left Color:
Select the color that you wish the left side of the arrow to be colored with - for those nautical types out there Port or Left would be Red and Starboard or Right would be Green. The arrows that indicate a lines drawing direction are split into a right and left side, each side can be colored separately. In plan view the arrows are drawn as an arrow head, in 3D they are drawn as a cone so that they can be seen from any angle.

Right Color:
Select the color that you wish the right side of the arrow to be colored with.

Arrow Transparency:
The displayed direction arrows can sometimes obscure information in the graphics views of TBC. If this happens you can change the transparency of the arrows so that you can see through them to the other objects in the graphics.

Arrow Scaling:
The arrow scaling slider bars allow you to increase (Right) or Decrease (Left) the size of the arrows displayed in the Plan and 3D views.

Click OK to save the settings and return to the calling command or TBC system.

Click Cancel to quit settings without saving and return to the calling command or TBC system.

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