RPS Tracker - Creating Color Sets for Tablet Buttons and Screen Backgrounds in Geofence Areas

In RPS Tracker, when you define locations (using geofences) and routes that connect locations, for each location and a default that defines the screen in all other locations (on route between defined locations). You can define the button set that will be enabled for the operator at each location. Each button and each location can have its own set of colors. We recommend that you use the following methodology in defining your geofence colors and button colors

For Geofence Area colors and Button Colors you will want to use colors that contrast so that the buttons stand out against the background color used for the screen in the geofence areas. we recommend that you use dark or mid depth colors for the background and white text so that the text is easy to read on screen.

For the background color we recommend a color scheme similar to the following for the Geofence / Area colors

Cut Zone = Deep Red
Fill Zone = Deep Blue
Waste Zone = Purple
Borrow Zone = Mid Red
Fuel Zone = Dark Purple
Wetland Zone = Green
Avoidance Zone = Magenta or Mid Pink
Maintenance Zone = Mid Blue
Project Boundary = Deep Orange
Stockpile = Deep Brown
On Route = Deep Green

For the Buttons we recommend using contrasting Mid Range colors also with White Text. We recommend a color scheme similar to the following and suggest that you test that with some operators before locking in your color scheme

Add Hours = Mid Yellow / Mustard
Auto Dump = Mid Blue
Auto Load = Mid Red
Bulk Fuel = Mid Purple
Fuel = Mid Purple
Simple Dump = Mid Blue
Simple Load = Mid Red

The following video shows how to create Color Sets