RPS Earthworks - Map Screen

From the Launcher Menu on the RPS - Earthworks Home Page you will select the Earthworks option to start working with the Earthworks Module.

Note: The launcher screen shown below is the complete Launcher as seen by a system administrator. For most users they will see the Application elements only and not the Administrative Tools


The RPS - Earthworks Map Screen is the first thing that you will see on entering the Earthworks Module.

Earthworks Project

In most RPS - Earthworks deployments you will have just one project available to you. If for any reason you have multiple projects assigned to your organization / project you can change the active project here.

Zoom and Pan Controls

You can zoom in and out of the map using the wheel on your mouse.
You can zoom in by clicking the [ + ] key.
You can zoom out by clicking the [ - ] key
You can pan by click and hold the Left or right or mouse wheel buttons on your mouse and moving the hand on screen to pan the map to a different location.

Full Screen Mode

Click the full screen mode button to fill the screen with the Map only. This will remove the header bar completely from the display. Click the button again or press ESC to exit full screen mode.

Measure Control

If you wish to measure a distance on screen, click the measure control button and then click out the path that you wish to measure the length of.

To finish a line and leave it displayed click the last point again.

You can now click a second line to measure.

You can add as many segments as needed to a measurement. The display will show the length of the segment and the accumulated length of the line to that point.

To delete a point from a measured line hold SHIFT and click the node that you wish to delete. Any node on the current line can be deleted in this manner.

Map Display Controls

The Map Display Controls allow you to display the following types of information as an overlay to the base map of the system.

Base Map Layers
The options here are

  • Streets - this will display the base map of the system (Colored Street and Land Use Map)
  • None - this will turn off the base map of the system and display a grey background.

Here you can turn on Project Section boundaries that are defined for the project.

A Project in RPS - Earthworks has a boundary. This is a geographic limit to the project and the system computations capability. Within a project you can have multiple sections that can be used to define specific areas of a project site or construction operations. The Project Sections can be used to define areas of working, project phases, backfill zones, operational plant areas, maintenance yards and more.

Map Layers
Map Layers defined using the Manage Map Layers command can also be turned On and Off here.

Launcher Controls

To return to the main menu / launcher control click the image button in the top right of the interface.

From the menu provided you can select the following options

  • Settings - Click Here for more details
  • Manage Map Layers - Click Here for more details
  • Assign Project Roles and Permissions - Click Here for more details
  • Launcher - Click Here for more details